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Go play Castle Crashers.

Its a good game, but its not your game. Its Toms and Dans game. Tribute rarara Tribute tribute, yeah okay its a tribute, but what I don't understand is why don't people just go and play Castle Crashers? this is Castle Crashers but just with flawes and worse art. (No offence intended, I do like your art, but Dans is better) so yeah in conclusion, its just a crummier version of Castle Crashers. Go play Castle Crashers.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Dan's art is the best and I certainly agree with you that he's much, MUCH better than me. I'm not even trying to do the same art style as him. I'm a HUGE fan of CC. I guess the reason why anyone would play this over Castle Crashers is because everyone can play it for free.

Even though there's a lot of features from Castle Crashers, I still believe that there's also a lot of original stuff in this game. A few people have even said this game reminds them of Golden Axe. Long before Castle Crashers there were many games like it. CC with all of its hilarity is definitely not the first of its kind,... The Behemoth just brough the genre back.

Anyway, sorry to disappoint :(